Hillside Elementary School

Hillside Elementary School is a $33.7M, 73,100 square foot facility, designed to accommodate 650 Clover Park School District students. It is a replacement school constructed on the site of the original facility while it remained fully occupied, requiring specific and detailed coordination. It is located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord and was financed through federal grants using the GC/CM project delivery method. It was designed using a model with four basic elements: classrooms, administrative space, multi-purpose space, and a resource center. This concept is meant to be flexible so it can be reconfigured to fit differing site conditions. The building design provides an EPAct energy savings of 40% because of the reduced fan energy from the induction system, the highly efficient hydronic HVAC system, and the LED lighting. The HVAC system design was so successful that the district required that it be replicated in five additional schools.