JBLM Mechanical/Electrical Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)

In 2009 BCE was awarded the first of three consecutive Mechanical/Electrical A-E IDIQ contracts at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), with the second contract being awarded in 2011, and the third in 2016. Services for the first contract were completed in 2012, the second contract was completed in 2016, and we are currently providing services for the task orders under the third contract. The combined value of the first two contracts was $10.6M. BCE was awarded 47 separate task orders (see list below) with a wide variety of scopesfrom small assessments and repair projects to complete facility renovations and base-wide surveys and master plans. These contracts have consistently required BCE to lead a multi-discipline A-E team on concurrent projects that included full design, abbreviated design, studies, and/or construction support services. Projects included work throughout JBLM, as well as the Yakima Training Center (YTC) located near Yakima, WA. 

We have consistently received very positive reviews from the government project managers. Here are a few representative quotes: "BCE Engineers, Inc. performance during the execution of this task order is one of the most outstanding performances by an A-E ever witnessed by this Government Project Manager."  |  "BCE and their consultants consistently deliver high quality results under very demanding schedules."  |  "Customer satisfaction was clearly a high priority and [BCE] expanded the effort necessary to produce a high quality result." 

First Contract Task Orders
01-Waller Hall Building 2140 HVAC Replacement
02-Generate Electrical Distribution System Model
03-Design for North Fort Ranges 105-117
04-Arc Flash Study
05-Repair Primary Treatment Clarifiers at Wastewater Treatment Plant
06-Re-Commission Facilities
07-Renovate/Expand Evergreen Chapel
08-YTC Building 346 Fire Station Expansion
09-Replace Primary Meters & SCADA System Upgrades
10-Repair Jensen Gym & Childcare Center Addition Building 2022
11-Renovate Buildings 1034 & 1036
12-Repair South Substation
13-Renovate Building 8085, American Lake Community Center
14-Repair Electrical Distribution, Evergreen Housing 
15-A-E Design for Below Ground Infrastructure
16-Sound Transit Utility Evaluation
17-Repair Landfill #5
18-Repair Kimbro Pool
19-Renovate Crittenberger Library
20-Assess Primary Electrical Distribution System
21-Prevent/Reroute Water Coming Into Basement Buildings 9997/9998
22-A-E Design for Building 1805 Expansion
Second Contract Task Orders
01-Emission Study
02-Assess YTC Primary & Secondary Electrical Distribution System
03-Replace Series Circuits Runways & Taxiways
04-Life Safety Upgrades Buildings 2492, 3052, 3095 & 3098
05-Replace HVAC at School Age CDC, Building 560
06-Range Safety Network
07-Replace Fire Suppression System Building 576
08-YTC Building 1805 Repair
09-Perform Arc Flash Hazard Study
10-Replace Heating System, NCO Academy
11-Install Backup HVAC & Cooling for Communication Building 1240
12-SOAR Rigger's Facility RFP
13-Repair Logistics Center Feeders
14-Replace HVAC System Building 2400
15-McChord Mechanical Equipment Inventory & Data Transfer
16-Replace Water Mains & Fire Suppression Systems Buildings 9570, 9580 & 9669
17-Master Utility SCADA Plan & Design & Repairs
18-Building 3054/3056 Fire Suppression System Repair
19-Repair Stone Station Building 4176
20-Replace Fire Suppression System Building 1422
21-NWJRCF Renovations, Buildings 1450 & 1448 RFP
22-Repair Davis Hill & Clarkdale Electrical Distribution
23-Replace HVAC Systems (PMEL) Building 707
24-Arc Flash Study McChord Field
25-Conduct Power Assessment Building 851-853