King County Housing Authority Term Contract

BCE has provided professional engineering services to the King County Housing Authority (KCHA) since 2001, and has held six-year term contracts with KCHA since 2004. Under these $1.5M contracts, BCE has provided mechanical, electrical and fire protection design services at nearly half of KCHA's 120 housing complexes. Maximum design value of each project under this contract is $75K. Below is a sampling of the KCHA communities for which BCE has provided assessment and design services. 

Avondale Manor Glenview Heights
Riverton Terrace
Bellevue Manor  Harrison House  Southridge House 
Briarwood Apartments  Island Crest Apartments  Spiritwood Manor 
Casa Madrona Mardi Gras Apartments  Valli Kee 
Eastridge House  Newporter Apartments  Wayland Arms 
Eastside Terrace  Park Royal  Westminster Manor 
Firwood Circle  Pickering Court  Yardley Arms 
Most of the sites suffered from similar problem - poor ventilation, dimly lit hallways, mechanical systems that exceeded their useful life, poor plumbing, and life safety systems that did not exist or did not provide enough protection or were simply not up to code. Several projects involved high-rise buildings that suffered from all of these issues, and like the rest of the sites, were fully occupied during the renovation. A number of these projects were funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which meant that all work had to be completed in full compliance with the additional requirements of ARRA projects.