Short Stay Relocation

The short stay unit is a mission critical function of the VA facility and requires emergency power, and electronic physical security design in accordance with Mission Critical Facilities Design Manual and VA Physical Security design manual. This project renovated approximately 4,319 SF of the second floor to relocate the short stay quarters. It included six double bed preparation and recovery rooms, locker and restrooms for patients, clean and dirty utility room, medical and medicine storage areas, clean linen storage and nurse station for a capacity of 10. The building was originally built in 1920 and required coordination with VA and State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO). BCE provided mechanical and electrical design, estimates, BIM drawings, and specifications.

Electrical design included upgrades to all system designs for communication cabling, IT cable outlets, and cable runs. Work also included new communication cabling, as well as IT system design and equipment.

Mechanical design included air handling equipment, ductwork, exhaust fan systems, HVAC controls, steam, medical gas, non-potable water, and building service equipment within the scope of the renovation project. Since the building was historic, louvers to the new air handler rooms had to connect to existing windows. The HVAC system is a variable air volume (VAV) system to increase the energy efficiency of the building. Humidifiers were added to control space humidity to, among other things, help reduce virus transmission.