The Emerald Queen Casino renovated an old restaurant into a beautiful new sports bar and cigar lounge. The project built out two new bars within the existing dining space and added a smoking lounge area. 

Basic electrical design included new lighting and controls, electrical outlets and connections, and connections to the new HVAC and kitchen equipment. Low voltage included CCTV, security system, and fire alarm designs.

Mechanical design included plumbing fixture replacement, installation of gas service and natural gas piping to the new HVAC equipment, new floor sinks and CW/HW connections at the new bars. Additionally, BCE addressed smoke mitigation and air filtering systems in the cigar lounge. This was achieved by adding UVDI Photocatalytic air cleaning systems to the return air intakes of the rooftop HVAC units.

Fire protection designs included revising the ceiling insulation to be located at the roof deck instead of at the ceiling to accommodate a wet sprinkler system throughout.